Safeguarding Training Courses

Following changes in the National Church Safeguarding Policy we have implemented a new programme of Safeguarding training courses.

All the training will be following the national standard as issued by Church of England training team – this training is transferable so if you move to another diocese or role this training will be valid

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all face to face training is postponed until further notice.  Basic (C0) and Foundation (C1) remain online for those requiring this training

Basic Awareness Module (C0)

An online course - available to access by all via the national safeguarding portal

Foundation Module (C1)

An online course - available to access by all via the national safeguarding portal

Leadership Module

Additional leadership module for all Clergy, LLMs, those with PTO and those in a Lay leadership role in the church, including safeguarding reps and those who lead activities involving children and/or vulnerable adults.  Must have completed Basic (C0) and Foundation (C1) modules prior to attending the Leadership module.


Safer Recruitment module

Introduction to Safeguarding Officers

This is an introductory course for Parish Safeguarding Officers. It outlines the requirements of the role and looks specifically at the requirements of the DBS process. It will help Officers identify the areas they need to address in their own locations and how best to do that.

Domestic Abuse Awareness

Domestic Abuse is far more prevalent than we may realise. There is much written in both the Christian and secular press that suggests that Christian theology and church teaching has colluded with violence against women and children. What would you do if someone came to see you about an issue of domestic abuse? Domestic Violence does happen today. It is perpetrated and experienced by members of our churches. The first step is to be informed.