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  • Follow The Star | Day 1 - Star

    We all have questions: big ones and small ones. Some questions, though, might change the course of our lives when we search for the answers. Read more

  • Bishop Debbie Reflects - Day 3

    My Ugandan nativity set at home has 3 regal wise men each wearing a crown. They are often seen with a camel and of course, each carry a gift. Read more

  • Bishop Debbie Reflects - Day 2

    I have a beautiful nativity scene at home which was made by women in Uganda from banana leaves. Each year as I set it up, I wonder about all the characters there and what the reality was for them that night in a stable in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. Read more

  • Bishop Debbie Reflects - Day 1

    Each Christmas I enjoy setting up our nativity scene at home. It’s a small one, made of banana leaves and I bought it several years ago from a woman’s co-operative in Kampala, Uganda. It brings back memories of a group of women working hard to sustain a living and to provide a better future for their children. Read more

  • A Christmas Message from the Bishop of Winchester

    Christmas can be a wonderful time of year for families and friends to gather and celebrate together. Sadly, for some families in this country, Christmas is not always a peaceful and happy time but one of tension and conflict. Read more

  • Small Deeds, Quiet Spaces

    Volunteering is a BIG conversation. Surface level altruism can reduce it to a good deed, but beneath the veneer of 'doing', it's about connection, growth and community. Giving of yourself has a way of growing worlds, taking us beyond ourselves and connecting us with experiences and others on hidden parts of life's journey. It can be an adventure. Read more

  • Advent - Waiting

    In the waiting our identity is tested, hopes are refined and we look only for the one who delivers. In the waiting, we are transformed and discipled.
    Read more

  • Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market short-listed for Best Christmas Market in Europe 2020!

    Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market has been short-listed as one of Europe’s top 20 Christmas Markets by European Best Destinations and is now in the running to be crowned the best Christmas Market in Europe 2020. Read more

  • Election Message from the Archbishops

    Time to ‘leave our echo chambers’ and listen to others, say Archbishops in General Election message
    Stand up for the truth and ‘challenge falsehoods when we hear them’, say Archbishops Welby and Sentamu in election message for age of social media. Read more

  • Bishop of Winchester launches Christmas appeal

    Church-goers from across Hampshire and East Dorset have been invited to donate their time and money as part of the Bishop of Winchester’s Christmas Appeal in aid of Yellow Door. Read more

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