General Synod

The Church of England is governed through a structure of Synods (or assemblies) that operate at all levels of the Church. Each Synod is made up of clergy and laity and has a significant number of elected representatives.

For support and advice about any area of Synodical government, including queries regarding the Church Representation Rules for PCCs; Deanery Synods and Diocesan Synod, please contact Jayne Tarry, part of the Parish Support Team.

General Synod Elections 2021

The voting for the 2021 General Synod elections has now opened. The Election Addresses from the candidates can be found below.

There are 15 candidates standing for the 4 seats in the House of Laity:

1 Gwilym Stone Laity
2 Jane Barnicoat-Chongwe Laity
3 Susan Blomley
Withdrawn 16/09/21
4 Simon Clift Laity
5 Julie Maxwell Laity
6 Danny Stupple Laity
7 John Adams Laity
8 Andrew Orange Laity
9 Susan Turner Laity
10 Chris Scoggins Laity
11 Eve Paterson Laity
12 Alison Coulter Laity
13 Rodolph de Salis Laity
14 Alwyn Ladell Laity
15 Alastair Barron Laity

Lay candidate Q&A can be found here.

The election addresses can be found here.

There are 7 candidates standing for the 3 seats in the House of Clergy:

1 Andrew Micklefield Clergy
2 James Pitkin Clergy
3 Adrian Pearce Clergy
4 Benjamin Sargent Clergy
5 Rachel Noel Clergy
6 Angi Nutt Clergy
7 Daniel Newman Clergy

The election addresses can be found here.

Clergy candidate Q&A can be found here.

For more information about the election process please visit or contact the Presiding Officer: or