Diocese of Winchester secures over £4 million to reach the ‘missing generations’ in Hampshire and East Dorset

The Diocese of Winchester has today launched Winchester Mission Action, its ambitious plan to engage with the ‘missing generations’ of young people across Hampshire and East Dorset.It has secured a grant of £4.23 million from the national Church of England’s Strategic Investment Board, and will match this funding with the Diocese’s own investment of over £4 million.

Winchester Mission Action will bring the Christian message to people who have not previously interacted with the Church of England. Through new projects designed to reach people in every location within the community, the Diocese of Winchester intends to re-establish the Church as a partner with other organisations in tackling challenges in society.

The projects which the new funding will facilitate include reinvigorating the Christian presence in large urban centres and smaller villages, establishing new Christian communities in places where there are new housing developments and reaching out to students in further and higher education. The Diocese will be announcing further details about the projects at the formal launch of Winchester Mission Action in the New Year.

The Right Reverend Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester, said:

“Society is changing rapidly, and traditional institutions are adapting.Winchester Diocese is committed to the sustainable growth of the Church for the common good.We have taken time to identify the challenges which face the people of Hampshire and East Dorset, whether they be in our rural villages or urban centres, seeing those challenges as opportunities for Mission Action. We are a growing Christian community with an increasing emphasis on young people. Shaped by the life and work of Jesus we aim to be an active participant in helping to renew our society and address the concerns of our cities, towns and villages.”

A photograph of a large group of people at the Diocesan Synod Conference 2016
Diocesan Synod Conference 2016