Smartphone / tablet microphones for a closer sound, and for use outdoors

Keith Gunn 

A smart phone or ipad cannot be used out of doors in other than absolutely calm conditions without wind noise ruining the recording. This is particularly a problem when the speaker is several feet away from the device – in which case the device will automatically increase the microphone level to try to hear the person speaking, but amplifying the wind noise at the same time.

Small external (not very expensive) microphones are available to replace the built-in microphone.
Either clip-on / lavalier / personal (the name used varies) mics or little directional mics (consider these if you need to cover, say, singer and guitar) and both types come (generally) with windshields -

Personal clip on mic

Foam windshields are effective in gentle breezes

Furry ones are best

Directional mic with fur windshield