Transitions in Ministry

Each year the dioceses of Bath & Wells, Bristol, Guildford, Oxford, Portsmouth, Salisbury and Winchester, operating as part of the CMD group of the Regional Training Partnership, collaborate in arranging a number of consultations for clergy who are at significant key points in ministry. These consultations provide opportunities for participants to reflect with others at the same stages of ministry on the particular issues related to these stages: taking up first responsibility, moving to a new post, becoming a training incumbent or an area/rural dean, and preparing for retirement.

Normally the School of Mission makes contact with clergy who might benefit from participating in these consultations.However, if you know that you would like to participate in any of these consultations and wish to reserve a place on specific dates, please get in touch directly with Frances Ter Haar, School of Mission Administrator, as soon as possible.For further information about any of the consultations please contact Paul Dunthorne, Mission and Training Adviser.

Those who wish to participate in Preparing for Retirement at a time to suit them (from 60 years of age) are particularly asked to make direct contact with the School of Mission and request a place.

The cost of participation in these consultations (other than travel) is paid in full by the Diocese.

The main regular TIM consultations, organised each year, are:

First Responsibility

This consultation is specifically for those clergy who are 6-12 months into their first post of responsibility as incumbent, team vicar, etc. Those who are in chaplaincy ministries may also find the consultation useful especially if their institution does not provide a similar opportunity.

The School of Mission runs a year long programme for new incumbents. If you would like more information please contact

New Post

This consultation is designed for clergy who have recently moved to a new post other than a curacy or first responsibility. It helps participants analyse their new context of ministry and identify future priorities. Those who attend this consultation should have been in their new post for about around 8-15 months.

For more information please contact or call 01962 710971.

Working with the Newly Ordained

This consultation looks at various aspects of the training incumbent/curate relationship; models and styles of ‘training’; supervision skills; how to involve the parish in the task of training and formation; evaluation, monitoring and reviewing.There is also opportunity for participants to discuss other issues of common concern in this important responsibility.

For more information please contact or call 01962 710971.

Rural and Area Deans

This consultation is specially designed for those new in post as Area / Rural Deans (or Assistant Area Deans). Among the areas it deals with are: the role of the deanery and the task of the area dean within it, leadership and chairing skills and the area dean’s responsibility for the pastoral care of clergy. There is plenty of opportunity within the consultation for participants to share their own experiences and to learn from each other and the practice of other dioceses as well as from those leading the consultation.

For more information please contact or call 01962 710981.

Preparing for Retirement

This course is open to stipendiary clergy (including House for Duty) who have reached at least their 60th birthday and will be looking to retire within the next five years or so. Spouses of clergy attending are also invited to participate in the course so that couples can explore issues concerning retirement together. It is an advantage to attend this course as soon as possible after your 60th birthday, and not to delay until only a year or two before projected retirement.

For more information please contact or call 01962 710981.