Thy Kingdom Come - Taking Part

In 2019 we want to see more people praying in churches, schools, hospitals and market places. 

There will be beacon events happening across the diocese on Sunday 9th June 2019.

Beacon Event Resources


1. Prayer in the Square

Head out into your town centre if you've for a spare table and marquee. Set out some activities for people to take part in. Invite people to join in. 

2. Prayer in a Jar 

Write down some current affairs and pair them with a jar. Ask people to fill the jars with prayers in the form of beads/coloured glass/sweets etc. 

3. Brew a Prayer

Get a box of tea bags on a string and ask people to write prayers. Attach them to the tea bag tab and pray whilst your tea brews. 

4. Pint and a Prayer

Head to the pub (or, if you're run a pop-up pub!), grab a pint, talk to each other and pray. 

5. Say One For Me

Head to the streets! We have a banner design ready to go (get in touch with Fiona - details below), ask people that walk by if you can say a prayer for them.

Banner artwork will be obtainable from a local printer from the second week of February. The banner can be customised with your parish, or church name or logo. Some parishes have chosen to share this resource with their Churches Together group. A single 2 metre banner will be in the region of £33.00. Printed prayer cards will also be available at a very reasonable cost TBC

Download the sample.
Please get in touch with Fiona on 

6. Soul Space

Create a colourful crafting marquee with a couple of prayerful activities (decoupage, planting prayers, prayer walls). 

7. Praying the Papers

Settle down in a coffee shop with your favourite newspapers, or even a couple of news apps find stories that you think need attention and pray for them. 

8. Compost Prayers

You will need 1 box/pot, fill it with soil. Get people to write their prayers on biodegradable paper and plant them. Scatter some wild flower seeds, water the pot and watch them grow! 

9. Dance the Lords Prayer

Let's get physical! Last year Katie put movement to the Lord's prayer.   

10. Tent Event - Tents on the Green

Thinking about hosting a bigger event on the Saturday before the Sunday Beacon events/Pentecost? Invite other churches in your area to set up stands with you. Last year there were:

  • Jesus Deck cards that prayerfully tell the gospel story
  • Picture cards that help people tell their story
  • Fusion's Deep Meaningful Conversation Cards
  • Prayer fishing (plastic fish in a paddling pool)
  • Bouncy Castle

Other Ideas

1. 999

9 days of prayer from 9am to 9pm - for the Novena/Thy Kingdom Come

2. Healing Heart

You need a large red card heart and clear medical plasters. Ask each person to think about someone they know who needs God's healing touch, then they write the name on the plaster before sticking it onto the heart. Once all the plasters are in place, pray a general prayer, lifting them all to God.

3. Prayer Twin

If you have contacts, mission partners, family or links with a church overseas, arrange an international prayer 'twin'. Agree to pray for each other every week and keep in touch with subjects for prayer - remembering to swap good news stories for thanksgiving, as well as prayers that are about needs. 

4. Learning Curve

Ask people in your fellowship group or church to each research the way that people pray in different parts of the world and in different denominations and faiths. Make a display of the things you find out and invite local schools to come and have a look - the teachers are likely to be thrilled to be involved! 

5. Prayer Rocks/Kindness Rocks

The Kindness Rocks Project, founded by Megan Murphy, is based on the profound truth that one message at the right moment can change someone’s day, their outlook, and, indeed, their whole life. The messages on these thoughtful pebbles take many forms: gratitude, affirmations, encouragement, prayers and offers of hope—all signposts along the way for someone to find at exactly the right time.

Let us know if you have prayer event ideas to add to the list! 


We know that you'll have some fantastic ideas about how to bring people together through prayer. The resources below are for people who want to create their own designs for their events easily and quickly. Check them out. (P.S. They're not only for TKC)

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The Family Adventure Prayer Map - we are delighted to announce that, thanks to generous funding from the Archbishops’ Council and in partnership with the Church of England’s Education Office, this year’s flagship resource for households and all ages, the Family Adventure Prayer Map is available free of charge to over 300,000 school children. But we need your practical help and advocacy to encourage churches and schools to make the most of this wonderful opportunity. Launched at General Synod in February as part of House of Bishops report, Growing Faith, it’s a colourful, engaging and interactive map designed for households to complete together each of the eleven days. It folds to A5 and opens to A2, there are stickers and activities each day. We have enough to give a free copy to every child in Years 4, 5 and 6 in every Church of England school (with the option to purchase more for community schools, churches and other year groups). We need your support to get these into the hands of each clergyperson and encourage them to contact schools in their parish to give them out (there are accompanying assembly resources coming ). 


The Prayer Journal - a brand new beautiful A6 booklet which takes a different theme for each day, and provides a simple way of praying under that day’s theme for your friends. For each day there are Bible verses, suggestions and quotes to inspire you in your prayer. Drawing on some of the wealth of ancient traditions of our faith, we feel that this small booklet is a great way for people to journey with God through these 11 days, and works well for ages from late teens to seniors!


The Novena – again, A6 in size, designed for nine days of prayer, known as ‘Novena’, between Ascension and Pentecost. Each page has art to reflect on with devotional guidance, a Bible passage and prayer.