Thy Kingdom Come 2021

At this difficult time, we are aware of the many opportunities and challenges placed on the Church. Which is why this year, Thy Kingdom Come, will be slightly different –hoping to be a blessing to the church by serving the need where it is greatest. Whilst we are not losing the heart of what we do – prayer for evangelism – we believe Thy Kingdom Come provides an opportunity for churches to engage and connect with those who have struggled with church at home (and have drifted away); to inspire and encourage those who have been part of the church pre-covid and continue to be so ; and those who are new to faith and joined through digital online.

To this end, we are pivoting all our resources to serve the church for this need. This includes a prayer journal, written by Archbishop Stephen with the express intention of engaging those who may have drifted away during this time. Similarly, we also know there is a need to provide quality family resources, which is why we have produced a brilliant 11 day (which can be used over 11 weeks) family resource can be used as Church at home, in schools and as a tool to reach families on the fringes.

We are also working on a selection of exciting new digital resources including new videos for the 11 days & other content, to resource the Church during this period and beyond so watch this space to find out more.

Key Messages

This year for Thy Kingdom Come, we are focused on two main groups. Those who are near and those who are far

We encourage you to pray for those who have drifted from the church during the pandemic. Those who weren't able to engage online or weren't able to attend when the churches were open. And we encourage you to pray for those who have seen the remarkable things the church has been doing during the pandemic, who have had a taste of church that they come home to Jesus. 

We encourage you to pray that people come to know the love of God in Jesus Christ. 

Prayer is the greatest offering of love we can offer. 

3 things you can do for Thy Kingdom Come this year

Pray for 5

Do you know five people you want to pray for?  Pray for 5 bracelet.

Every day prayer

Make prayer part of your every day. Pray for those you pass on the street as you do your daily exercise. Pray whilst making your favourite drink. Pray whilst you stir dinner. We want to hear about the creative ways you're praying. 

Share the resources below

In the section below there are a list of resources available for you and the people you know. Let people know about them. 



  • Award Winning Thy Kingdom Come App with Lectio 365
  • A video will released each day through Thy Kingdom Come
  • Digital escape room

Children's/Messy Church/Schools

The Cheeky Panda's resources is made up of 15 minute videos which will focus on the 'Lost' stories. There are soft toys, a spotify playlist, instagram filters and a Cheeky Panda's prayer book. 

View the full collection of resources here.


Young Children and Families

Prayer Map

Resources for Churches

Young People and Youth Groups

  • Award Winning Thy Kingdom Come App
  • 11 videos of 11 young adults with reflections and discussions on themes
  • Digital escape room

5 Ways your church can get involved in Thy Kingdom Come