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Student Evangelism

The Student Evangelism project will develop a framework for student evangelism across the diocese with a focus on areas with significant student presence. This is a pilot project as part of a national commitment to student evangelism across the Church of England. The framework for student evangelisation is grounded in Christian discipleship, resourced by parish congregations and adopts student-to-student approaches. This project seeks to resource current fruitful student work while enabling the local church to grow in their ability to reach students in new and innovative ways.

Through this project, Winchester Mission Action aims to resource churches to work both within the context of Higher Education and Universities, as well as in the often overlooked context of Further Education Colleges. The diocese contains a mixed ecology of student contexts, with the southern archdeaconry consisting of large urban areas with sprawling university campuses and the northern archdeaconry containing smaller townships and villages with student populations dispersed outside of term time. The project seeks to explore what differences are required between these varied environments.

As the project gets underway, Winchester Mission Action will seek to unite key student workers by inviting them to creative hubs for mission and evangelism which will become a boiling pot for innovative outreach and engagement across the diocese which will assist in ensuring WMA stays on the forefront of student mission across the country.

How can you help?

Winchester Mission Action is underway!

We are looking for supporters to be a part of this journey. There are many ways you can be involved with the project, whether that’s through your time, your prayers or your money. Your money can make a real difference to a project, with other areas also requiring financial support.

Every penny you donate will help us realise our vision of reaching the missing generations and new communities in exciting and innovative ways. I would love to let you know more about what we’re up to and how you can help!

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