Vision & Strategic Priorities

Living the Mission of Jesus - as a Church we want to make a real difference

At the Diocesan Synod conference in September 2013, four new strategic priorities were agreed with the aim of making Winchester a mission shaped diocese.

See what happened at Diocesan Synod conference and how as a diocese we decided on our priorities.

Under God, delighting in His grace and rooted in the Diocesan rule of life, we will be a Diocese in which:

  1. We grow authentic disciples, going out as individuals passionately, confidently and courageously sharing their faith, and coming together as creative church communities of prayer and worship that live out Kingdom values.
  2. We re-imagine the Church intentionally connecting and engaging with our local communities in culturally relevant ways. We will rejoice in the richness of the “mixed economy” of all ministry and proactively promote vibrant parochial and breath-taking pioneering ministries amongst ‘missing’ generations, e.g. children, young people, under 35s.
  3. We are agents of social transformation using our influence as a Diocese to transform public and personal life. We will demonstrate loving faith at work in local communities and across the globe bringing healing, restoration and reconciliation, e.g. through education, social enterprise, health care, spiritual care teams.
  4. We belong together in Christ, practicing sacrificial living and good stewardship of all that God has entrusted to us. We will combine radical generosity, care and capacity building with a clear focus on directing finance into the mission of Jesus. Sharing and multiplying local good practice, using people, buildings and other resources wisely, we will seek to boldly prune, plant and invest in building for the Kingdom.

Winchester: Mission in Action

One of the ways that the Diocese is looking to enable our Deaneries and Parishes to implement these Strategic Priorities is through Mission Action Planning (MAPs).


Our vision statement is: “Living the Mission of Jesus.” 

The 3 dimensions of that vision are:

  1. Passionate personal spirituality
  2. Pioneering faith communities
  3. Prophetic global citizens