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Parish Giving Scheme

Legacy Information

Parish Resources

This site is provided by the Church of England’s National Stewardship & Resources team and offers over 400 pages of resources (web & pdf) to support all aspects of stewardship, administration and management in the local church, as well as links to other sites and pages of interest.

Resources include:

  • Preaching and Teaching effectively.
  • Giving for Life: A range of talks, resources and leaflets. Including an additional Young Person Focused resource.
  • Information for Parish Giving Officers.

Parish Buying

Parish Buying is a purchasing service set up by the Church, for the Church. Contracts and discounts are available to all parishes, cathedrals and dioceses in the Church of England.

Products available:

  • Contactless Card Readers, such as Sum-Up, iZettle and GoodBox products.
  • Insurance
  • IT products