Safeguarding Resources

The Diocese of Winchester is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our church community

National Safeguarding Training Portal

Safeguarding Aide Memoire

Parish Resources 

  1. Parish Safeguarding Handbook
  2. Promoting a Safer Church A3 poster
  3. Fact Sheet - Types of Abuse
  4. Fact Sheet - Sexting (youth produced sexual imagery)
  5. Activity and Incident Form
  6. Activity Risk Assessment Form
  7. Activity Risk Assessment Template
  8. Behaviour Agreement
  9. DBS Continuing Update Proforma
  10. Entrance Notice for Callers
  11. Keyholder Declaration
  12. Leaders to Participants Ratios
  13. Lone Working - PCC Considerations
  14. Parental Consent and Medical Information Form
  15. Parish Safeguarding Policy Statement
  16. Parish Umbrella Agreement
  17. Photo Consent Form
  18. Safeguarding Referral Form
  19. Social Media Consent Form
  20. Template Parish Safeguarding Audit and Action Plan
  21. Trip or Special Activity Consent Form
  22. DBS Privacy Notice -

    DBS: Standard/Enhanced

Safer Recruitment 

Safer Recruitment Practice

  1. Sample Parish Policy Statement on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders
  2. Example of the types of occupations, post and activities in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
  3. Roles where the activity is seen to be eligible for a criminal record check
  4. Regulated activity decision making flowchart
  5. What activities make a person eligible for an enhanced criminal record check
  6. Model Volunteer Job Role
  7. Model Volunteer Application Form
  8. Model Reference Form
  9. Confidential Declaration Form
  10. Model Interview- Discussion
  11. Positive and Negative Interview Indicators
  12. ID checking guidelines for DBS check applications
  13. Revised Code of Practice for Disclosure and Barring Service Registered Person
  14. Safe Storage, Retention and Handling of DBS Certificate Information

Domestic Abuse

  1. Responding Well to Domestic Abuse - Policy and Practice Guidance
  2. Template Parish Statement on Domestic Abuse

National Policies and Guidance 

  1. Bell Ringing and Safeguarding Children in Towers
  2. Safeguarding Training and Development - Practice Guidance
  3. Promoting a Safer Church
  4. Roles and Responsibilities - Practice Guidance
  5. Safeguarding in Religious Communities - Practice Guidance
  6. Safeguarding Records
  7. The Gospel and Sexual Abuse
  8. Glossary Reference Document
  9. Practical guidance: Responding to, assessing and managing safeguarding concerns or allegations against church officers
  10. Practical guidance: Responding to Safeguarding Concerns relating to Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults
  11. Identifying and Reporting Safeguarding Serious Incidents to the Charity Commission

Safeguarding Updates/Newsletters

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