Platinum Jubilee 2-5 June 2022

2-5 June 2022

An opportunity for mission during our 10 days of prayer for Thy Kingdom Come

Please also see our main Thy Kingdom Come page for other events and resources for the period between Ascension Day (26 May and Pentecost (5 June)

The resources for the Platinum Jubilee are grouped by theme

Connecting with our community

Many churches have been looking for an opportunity (an 'excuse') to make contact again with people in the communities they serve and although we can't say what the pandemic will look like, we can try to plan positively. The national resources focus on two main ways to engage with our communities:

Jubilee Party

  • Many people remember the street parties of previous jubilees, which brought together whole neighbourhoods.
  • Whatever format you adopt, could you host an event with generous free hospitality for your community?
  • National resources include these files: an excellent party planner and games to play.
  • This could be a great way to engage with people who have taken a look at your church online in lockdown or to re-engage those who have drifted away but are looking for an opportunity to re-connect.
  • We hope to include here some quotes from previous events of this nature; if you have good experiences of these sorts of celebrations, please email

70 acts of service

  • The Queen has been known for her tireless devotion to serving the nation.
  • In recognition of this, a resource (download here) offers 70 suggestions of ways we could serve during this period. The resource can be used by churches or by individuals. It includes examples of how we can do this in our workplaces. It fits in really well with our Lights for Christ initiative for living as Jesus' disciples seven days a week.

The official logos for the event can be downloaded here.

For further information please visit the Church of England Platinum Jubilee resources page.

Connecting with the gospel message

As part of your celebrations during this period, could you invite people to join you for a service on Sunday 5 June? Consider putting on a service specially tailored with visitors in mind, maybe at a different time to when you usually meet and with a focus on the Jubilee and on Pentecost.

The Platinum Jubliee website (here) is a portal into a wide range of resources. These include:

  • Sing: song written by Graham Kendrick and the Rend Collective, 'Rise up and serve'.
  • Gift: 64-page commemmorative booklet 'Our faithful Queen' is being produced. Some of you will remember the previous one of these, which contained a clear Christian message and was popular with people who don't usually go to church. This is now available to order: unfortunately not free! £5 a copy. Order here.
  • Invite: this event is going to be so prominent in our news. Link your local events by making use of the national logos. More information (here). There is a link on this page to download a set of all the official logos.
  • Bells. Churches are encouraged to ring their bells 19:52 to 20:22 on Sunday 5th June to close the extended weekend's celebrations.

Connecting with children and young people

The Church of England and partner churches have produced a range of resources to connect with young people. All the links are included below. As this is being written, we haven't yet seen the children's materials but the range of themes for youth, schools and uniformed organisations looks excellent. This is the main landing page, with links to all the other sections:

  • Schools: resources here, which are tailored to link to the curriculum.
  • Uniformed Organistations: resources here, developed with the help of Girls Brigade and Boys' Brigade
  • Youth groups: resources here on the overall theme of 'On her Majesty's Service'
  • Children: resources 'coming soon' here. The page has a 'keep in touch' button, if you want to be notified when resources are posted online.

Connecting with creation

Last and by no means least... there is the Queen's Green Canopy initiative. The Queen is promoting this as something that can offer a lasting legacy to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, a tangible positive change to benefit both climate and biodiversity. This chimes in well with our own commitment to become an Eco Diocese and to support the move to Net Zero Carbon by 2030.

  • Who is it for? Individuals, schools and community groups such as churches can get involved.
  • How much will it cost? You can buy highly subsidised saplings but there are also many free trees available.
  • How does it work? You might find the Woodland Trust website more helpful at this point. They offer advice on all aspects of the process, including choosing trees appropriate to your setting and any issues relating to legal permissions to plant them.

What could this look like in my community?

Here is what someone else did in a small rural church with people mainly planting trees in their own gardens:

  • We worked with community groups, including the school, to promote this
  • People were invited to an open day at church with refreshments to collect their saplings
  • We invited people to write a prayer on rice paper to bury with the roots, so that their tree could become a literal 'prayer tree': we provided simple instructions for people who weren't used to praying.
  • We mapped out a walk so that people could go and see the trees planted in our village.