Parish Support and Operations

The Parish Support team brings together: 

The configuration of the team is designed to recognise that all the areas of work have the same basic purpose – to support good management and compliance at every level of our diocesan structures in order to create a strong foundation on which mission and ministry can be built. As well as seeking to reduce the heavy burden (both in terms of time and finance) that statutory requirements can place on parishes and volunteers, the team will look to develop creative new ways of working, growing the gifts and opportunities that exist across the diocese.

Working closely with Archdeaconry Teams and Deanery Officers, there is a renewed focus on proactively supporting Parishes that are behind with Share payments.

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Common Mission Fund & Synodical Governance

Head of Operations

Colin Harbidge

01962 737307

Colin has overall responsibility for the running of the Parish & Synod Support team. He works closely with Andrew Robinson, the Chief Executive, deputising for him in regard to operational matters and undertaking specific project work as required. Colin has particular responsibility for the work of Synodical Government, managing the Common Mission Fund, and supporting parishes.

PA to the Head of Operations and Head of HR

Cathy Laird

01962 737307

Cathy provides administrative support to the Head of Operations and the Head of HR.

Parish Support Adviser

Jayne Tarry

01962 737348 /

Jayne works closely with Colin, supporting him across the range of his responsibilities. Her role is specifically focused on supporting the work of all Synodical Committees and bodies and advising parishes on the Church Representation Rules. Jayne is also tasked with keeping all administrative processes in the office under review. At the same time Jayne acts as coordinator for all parish administrators across the diocese, supporting them in their work and enabling sharing of best practice.

Parish Support Team Administrator

Joel Wells

Receptionist at Old Alresford Place

Angela Brown


Stewardship and Resources Advisor

Luke Maundrell

Clerical Registry


Liz Wilkinson

01962 737345 /

Liz manages the Clerical Registry, a group of retired priests willing to cover services whenever needed, beyond their home parishes. Having received a request for cover Liz looks at the style of worship in the parish and try to recognise particular preferences to provide the most efficient and effective service possible.


Property Administrator

Rosie Sanderson

Houses Assistant

Sharon Gomer

Houses Assistant (Temp)

Katie Howlett


DAC Secretary

Richard Streatfield

01962 737308 /

Richard responsible for directing and managing all work relating to faculty applications, church buildings and their contents.

Church Buildings Officer

Sarah Feltham

01962 737306 /

The CBO is responsible for supporting the DAC Secretary in the administration of the Church Buildings and Faculty processes.

Office Services and Old Alresford Place

IT Technician

David Marles

01962 737309

David is responsible for maintaining the computer systems across Winchester and our three partner dioceses. David is also required to offer advice and technical support to Area Deans and the offices of the Archdeacons and Bishops.