Ukraine: advice for parishes on helping refugees

    Diocesan News
    28 April 2022

    The brutal war in Ukraine has triggered the largest war-related migration of people since the Balkan War of the 1990s. This page contains information for parishes and individuals seeking to respond. As a diocese we're following the Church of Englands guidance about how to help Ukrainian refugees. 

    Please visit the Church of England's guide for more information: download the toolkit here

    And you can visit the Church of England's 'War in Ukraine: responding' here: Find out more information on the Church of England website here

    We would also like to share the Homes for Ukraine website (Visit Homes for Ukraine here)

    Homes for Ukraine: A Reset service for community welcome

    Reset supports and leads the Community Sponsorship movement in the UK, where over 300 groups have prepared to welcome refugees in the UK. We are now offering a matching, training and support service to sponsors and refugees under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

    Reset is currently accepting applications from potential sponsors and from refugees hoping to come to the UK. We are processing applications, making matches, and providing training and support. If you want to apply or have questions about your application, see below for the next steps.

    Reset wants to enable the many amazing people opening up their homes as sponsors today to find refugees from Ukraine, help them on their journey and offer an opportunity to integrate into our communities.

    The public response to the UK’s Homes for Ukraine scheme has been unprecedented and we are humbled that thousands of people have contacted Reset to take part. We are working as quickly as possible to contact every applicant and to start the matching process.