Urgent appeal for Afghan refugees housing

    Diocesan News
    24 Aug. 2021

    There's an urgent need for accommodation for the refugees coming from Afghanistan now. 

    The Home Secretary announced that the government will work with international partners to resettle up to 20,000 refugees in the UK. 

    There‚Äôs a need for self-contained family accommodation, available for letting for at least 12 months but preferably longer and have all the relevant safety certification in place. Ideally it will be near good public transport links and within walking distance of main services and shops and available at rents at no more or close to Local Housing Allowance levels.

    People, so desperate to get out of their country they chase an aircraft down a runway - and this is just one of the distressing scenes beamed around the world from Kabul this week. Most of the Afghan refugees arriving in the UK are people who formerly worked alongside the British forces and government and is the primary reason they need to flee.

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