DO THE FIVE: Practical Prayer Activities

    Do the Five
    14 April 2020

    DO THE FIVE: Practical Prayer Activities

    Week 4 (Easter Week)

    1. Learn this ancient greeting, and use it to proclaim the Easter message in your garden and to all created things:

    In your resurrection, O Christ,
    let heaven and earth rejoice.

    2. As we celebrate light and life at Easter, pray for those who are in some kind of darkness: working night shifts; visually impaired; recently bereaved; depressed...

    3. Visit the Taketime website – – and choose one of the ‘Resurrection’ journey/themed meditations from Luke 24. (They are all available in four lengths: 5,10, 15 or 20 minutes.)

    4. Think of someone you know who lives a long way away, and who might be lonely: spend some time praying for them, then make a card or write a letter to them.

    5. Buy – or make – some bubble mixture, and as you practise blowing bubbles out of doors, release your regrets, your concerns and your worries to God, and let him touch you with his joy and his peace.