Bishop Debbie Reflects - Day 3

    19 Dec. 2019

    My Ugandan nativity set at home has 3 regal wise men each wearing a crown. They are often seen with a camel and of course, each carry a gift. The bible doesn’t actually tell us how many men came to visit Jesus but does say that they came to Jerusalem from the East. These men would have been experts in the stars at night – they had maps and plotted the movements in the sky. They had observed the rising of a new star and understood its great importance– it meant the birth of a new king and so they wanted to follow it to pay him homage. Not surprisingly they went to Jerusalem because that was where a king would reside. How strange then for them to realise that this king was not living in splendour in a palace but was living humbly with a loving parents in a small village. What type of king was this?

    Still following the star, they went to Bethlehem, where they knelt down and honoured Jesus, giving him gifts to recognise his status – gold, frankincense and myrrh.

    How interesting that men from the East, from a different culture and religion, could see that Jesus was king. As he grew up and began his own ministry, those around him struggled to see the truth in this. And yet, soon after his birth, these travellers were able to recognise who he truly was. Their long journey had been worth it – they had reached their destination and found true meaning in what they had been searching for.

    May you also find meaning this Christmas