Bishop Debbie Reflects - Day 2

    18 Dec. 2019

    I have a beautiful nativity scene at home which was made by women in Uganda from banana leaves. Each year as I set it up, I wonder about all the characters there and what the reality was for them that night in a stable in Bethlehem 2000 years ago.

    I’ve got 2 shepherds along with their sheep – one of the sheep has got slightly wonky legs but we can still balance him up so he stands.

    We read in the bible that the shepherds were out on the field ensuring their flocks were safe from wild animals. As they worked they were aware of a light in the sky and a host of angels singing. ‘Go to Bethlehem’ they said, ‘where you will find the Saviour of the World’. Not the normal night’s work then! And so they went down the hillside, found the stable which had a star shining above it and inside they met a mother and father and new born baby. They bowed down and worshipped because they knew this was no ordinary baby – this was the Son of God.

    I often wonder what the shepherds did when they got back to their homes. Imagine the conversation over breakfast. ‘Good night at work, dear?’ ‘Yes, Harry was late as usual, Tom brought us some sandwiches, oh and we met a host of angels who told us to go to Bethlehem where we met the Son of God’! Whatever life held for them, nothing would ever be the same again – that night, a group of unsuspecting shepherds came face-to-face with Jesus and they went home rejoicing.

    May you know that joy this Christmas