It's Time to Grow Wild

    25 March 2019

    With our new eco diocese status; and many other churches taking up A Rocha’s: Eco Church initiative we are looking to work with churches and schools to expand their ecological knowledge with the hope of starting green projects across Hampshire and East Dorset.

    As part of the schools and education initiative we have started the ‘Bee Inspired’ project and have received packets of seeds from Grow Wild (Kew Gardens) so our schools and youth groups can grow flowers for bees.

    Over the last five years, Grow Wild has distributed millions of wildflower seeds to people across the UK. Some of these have been in individual seed packets; others have been part of seed ‘kits’ for groups to transform local spaces.

    Grow Wild invites people to apply for a seed kit to transform an urban or unloved space: getting their friends, colleagues, neighbours, students or new groups together to create pockets of wild beauty for the benefit of their community.

    Youth Groups! Apply for funding.

    Grow Wild funds around 50 young people aged 12–25 each year to produce a creative project inspired by wildflowers or fungi. This is a youth-led process, where those involved decide which projects go forward, including projects showcased at special events. Ending on April 1 2019, you could win £500 for equipment to film or take photos of an area you want to change.

    Your video should be no longer than two minutes.

    Use the checklist below to make sure you’ve included everything we need to know:

    1. Give your project a name.
    2. Tell us your idea and why you want to do it.
    3. How will it celebrate UK native wildflowers and/or fungi?
    4. Where will you do it, who will help and what they will do?
    5. How will you share what you have achieved or learnt with others?
    6. What will you use the £500 for?

    You’ll have to be quick but chances are high apply here: #GrowWild

    More information here: