Out of Africa - Ascension Church, Southampton

    21 March 2019

    Feb 28 2019

    The view from St Andrew’s church this morning... a hazy Ugandan sky in the midst of the wet season, although we haven’t witnessed any rain ourselves yet! Peter, Alex and Jo visited before breakfast, but after Alex’s training run for the half-marathon! He had a few laughs from passers-by.

    Today, visits to the Petal project’s location and to local schools for assemblies are happening... more photos to follow.

    out of africa-uganda

    March 3 2019

    Andy preached to over 1000 people in Jinja cathedral, before returning to Naminage for the morning service.

    Here’s a flavour of the cathedral worship!Watch the video here:

    March 4 2019

    Our church partnership with Naminage is growing and forming.

    Ruth and Sandra led children's work training, and it was great to learn from people at St. Andrew's Church about how they are engaging children too.

    We've learnt from each other, and we've seen more and more of how big our God is, because of our different perspectives of Him.

    out of africa-uganda2

    March 5 2019

    // Sunday morning in St. Andrew's Church, Naminage //

    Peter preached an all age service - an unfamiliar but very well received format! Revd. Sosan acted Jesus, with Sandra and Alex as disciples, to dramatise the story of Jesus calming the storm.

    // Whatever our storm is, Jesus is on our boat with us //

    It was wonderful to see the church full of people of all ages!

    sunday in uganda ascension

    March 7 2019

    We’ve spent the last few days with Rev. Richard Rukundo and his team. A day off together yesterday saw us exploring Sipi falls (2000m above sea level!). Today and tomorrow we’re spending time at a conference run by Richard in Bukedi Diocese, about the importance of children in the church and in God’s Kingdom.

    Please pray for us we share and learn at the conference.


    March 8 2019

    Happy International Women’s Day!!

    Here in Uganda, it’s a bank holiday. Both Uganda and the UK have a long way to go to achieve gender equality, but it’s been great to see development in both contexts.

    We met Lydia, Christine (11) and Eunice (1) at Rev Richard Rukundo’s Children’s work training. They’re here alongside a majority male group, and it’s really encouraging that they’re here.

    Let’s move towards gender equality 👊

    international womens day

    March 10 2019

    Today we‘be been to several Kampala churches to get an experience of different churches in the city.

    We visited a youth service at All Saints cathedral, and also St Francis’ Church on the university campus.

    Meanwhile, Peter preached at 3 services for the church at Kampala Police barracks. He spoke on reconciliation and the coming of the Holy Spirit.