Twitter Strategies 2019

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    19 Feb. 2019

    There's no doubt that Twitter has had a whirlwind of a year.

    Its growth has slowed, largely due to spam, concerns about shadow-banning, and other mishaps. But despite slowing user growth, the company has actually become profitable for the first time ever.

    Thankfully though, Twitter has worked to remedy many of these concerns over the course of 2018. We saw the great Twitter purge of 2018 and rumors of an impending edit button, amongst other changes.

    Those remedies are having a lasting effect too. Spam is down, and abuse is starting to subside.

    So with that, we still think that Twitter is an extremely valuable marketing tool for business of all sizes—especially in the publishing space.

    But Twitter is different than other social networks, and what may work for your Facebook and Instagram may not work for your Twitter account.

    But don't fret. Because in this article, we'll show you a few awesome ways to up your Twitter marketing game in 2019.

    We'll give you a brief overview of each tip in this piece, and link out to full-fledged articles that go more in-depth.

    So without further ado: let's dive in!

    Don't be afraid to use humour in your tweets

    When done right, humor can be a great way for businesses and enterprises to attract and retain followers via Twitter.

    Humor gives your brand a lighthearted feel and makes you more relatable to your customers. Furthermore, it also keeps your tweets more memorable—after all, a good joke is always more memorable than corporate jargon.

    Make your replies personable

    In today's day and age, consumers crave a connection with the companies they interact with.

    In fact, a recent study shows that over 62% of millennials want the brands they interact with to be personable and start a conversation with them.

    So with that in mind, make sure that you're actively seeking out feedback and people discussing your brand on Twitter. Then, reply to them with personalised responses so they know you're tuned in to discussions around your brand.

    This makes your followers feel like they're a part of the conversation. Otherwise, your customers will feel like you're talking to them, instead of with them—and trust us, that's not fun.

    Even better, this makes it easy for you to find valuable insights about your products and service, something super valuable regardless of your industry.

    Use these 10 growth hacks

    Growth hacks may be a dying breed, but they're not dead yet—especially not on Twitter.

    Some popular Twitter growth hacks include strategically following new people, using the right hashtags, and tweeting at the right times.

    Of course, growth hacking is no replacement for posting top-quality content, but they can be a huge help when you want to boost your reach.

    Check out our full list of Twitter growth hacks in this article for the full scoop. Some of these can help you grow your Twitter account super quickly, so you can't afford to not check it out.

    Repurpose old content

    Here's an easy one for you: repurpose old content!

    You can do this by simply retweeting your old blog articles and infographics, or you can re-write blog posts with updated insights and retweet them.

    Either way, this gives you an easy way to find content ideas and get reach off of blog posts you wrote long ago.

    Need some inspiration? Check out these 12 tips for repurposing content on social media. Many of these work great on Twitter, so don't miss out.


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