10 Ways to Gain More Twitter Followers in 2019

    Communications and Media
    19 Feb. 2019

    Twitter is back on the up, and it's more important than ever for your brand to maintain a presence on the microblogging social network.

    But a Twitter presence is far more useful with a healthy follower count, right? After all, if you can build a solid batch of followers, you'll have more eyes on your products, and more credibility to backup your content.

    Building a solid Twitter following isn’t easy though. It takes time and a mixture of the right marketing tactics in order to build your follower count.

    Armed with the right information, you can expedite this process and beef up your follower count in just a few months. So in this article, we’ll show you ten awesome ways to increase your Twitter following. When used in-tandem, you’ll be on your way to gaining more Twitter followers in no time.

    Let’s dive in.

    1. Follow the right people

    The best way to get Twitter followers is to follow other like minded people on the social network.

    Look for people in your industry and follow their Twitter accounts. When they get a notification that you've followed them, they may look at your account and follow you back. We recommend following smaller accounts when using this tactic as these accounts are more likely to see that you've followed them.

    2. Retweet, reply, favourite, repeat

    The only way to get more followers on Twitter is to engage with other Twitter users. Make sure you’re actively retweeting, replying to, and favouriting tweets from people in your industry and beyond.

    Doing this will get your name in front of these users, and in turn make them more likely to follow you. Even better, if someone sees you sharing their tweets often, there's a good chance they'll do the same for your content in return.

    3. Interact with more than just @mentions

    Use Search Agents to perform ongoing searches running for industry terms and mentions of your brand. When you see a new Tweet come in, follow or otherwise interact with the user that tweeted it. We recommend making your searches as specific as possible so that you're only interacting with users that will care about your content.

    4. Tweet at the right times

    Use Social Report’s optimal time posting tool to schedule your tweets at the right time. Our optimal time feature looks at your last three months of Twitter engagement, and finds when your tweets have been most interacted with in the past.

    In the Social Report scheduler, just click the Optimal Time button in the Advanced Settings screen. Then, select which day you’d like to post your tweet, and we’ll handle the timing.

    Since your tweets will have more interactions, you’re more likely to get more followers from your tweets. Remember, interactions means retweets, favorites, and other things that put your tweets in front of new people.

    5. Tweet other’s content

    Share content from your favorite bloggers and non-competing companies. Tag them when sharing their content, and—like retweeting—there’s a good chance they’ll follow you back when they see your @mention in their Twitter feed.

    6. Encourage your readers to follow you

    Do you write a blog or run a website? Add Twitter buttons and call-to-actions to all of your content. For example, at the end of your article, ask for your audience’s opinion on Twitter. This will encourage your audience to tweet you, and in turn give you a follow.

    7. Use the right hashtags—but don’t overdo it

    Tweets with hashtags get over 12% more engagements than their hashtag-less counterparts, making it one of the easiest ways to get your Twitter content in front of new eyes. You can use industry hashtags like #digitalmarketing, or hashtags that are based around current events or an upcoming holiday.

    Alternatively, you can add some personality to your tweets by using a fun hashtag like #TacoTuesday. When other Twitter users search the hashtag (or click on the hashtag in an existing tweet), they’ll see your tweets on the list.

    This will put your content in front of new people, and in turn net you new followers. In other words: having solid hashtags in your tweets is like having good SEO on your website. Use these tags well, and your Tweet will appear as the top search result for your desired hashtags.

    8. Use photos, videos, and live video

    It’s no secret that tweets with photos, videos, and live videos get more interactions than tweets without. In fact, studies show that tweets with some sort of visual content get 150% more retweets than tweets without visual media, so make sure to use them in all of your tweets.

    Consider adding high-quality images to improve your point, make small Vine-like videos to entertain, or go on Twitter Live for a quick Q&A session with your customers. All of these breed engagement, and will put your content in front of new people.

    9. Offer Twitter support to your customers

    Consider offering Twitter support to your clients and customers. Then, when your users have a question about your product, they’ll be more inclined to tweet you to get support. In turn, they’re likely to follow your account.

    10. Don’t buy followers

    Now for a word of caution: never, ever buy Twitter followers.

    Even though it looks good for your Twitter follower count, buying Twitter followers do not help you. Simply put, paid followers are robots that cannot buy your products or services. And if your followers can’t do that, what’s the point of having them in the first palace?

    Further—and on a more practical level—Twitter is cracking down hard on paid followers. Earlier this year, and social network shut down millions of Twitter accounts—many of which were bots that were paid to follow users.

    So, trust us: paid Twitter followers are never a good thing.