26 Dec. 2018

    Day 3
    BOXING DAY - Invitation
    Read Luke 2.8-18

    Invitations are funny things. The glossy ones are not always the best - think of those invitations from department stores to drop in to the sales. An invitation made in person is always better - it makes you feel wanted.

    The invitation to the shepherds was both glossy (angels, no less!) and personal. But what were they invited to? To see a newborn child, with a promise the child was special.

    Did they think it was a joke? Why would a bunch of shepherds from nowhere be invited for a special birth? Surely kings should be there first. And would shepherds be the best kind of visitors? I wonder whether the shepherds may have felt awkward, out of place, intimidated... They were invited, but it was up to them to decide how to respond. They were not forced. They were just invited. Would they trust the invitation and go look for themselves?

    God invites all of us to come and look how do you feel about that? Will you go and find out more?

    Loving God, you invite all of us to come closer to you. We pray that you would give the courage to move towards you. Amen.