God With Us

    24 Dec. 2018


    READ MATTHEW 1.18-25

    "Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid..."

    Organising Christmas can be quite a strain. Saving, present ideas, shopping, wrapping, planning menus, travelling to relatives... It's a long lead up, and at the same time, many children feel like it will never arrive.

    The first Christmas was like that nine months in the making. God’s journey in human form began long before the star started shining. No one knew what he would look like, or what kind of person he would be. God was hidden he was with the people, but they did not really know it yet.

    How often is that the case? How often do we miss the presence of God because we do not know where to look? Or because life is hard and demanding and God feels distant? Joseph felt like that too. Frightened?

    ' Certainly. Confused? Definitely. Unsure of what the whole thing meant? Totally.

    But neither fear nor confusion take away the fact that right then, before Joseph even knew it, God was there beside him.

    Where do you think God is right now? Somewhere far away? Where could you look for the presence of God?

    Loving God, open our eyes to see where you are around us, in expected and unexpected places. Amen. #FollowTheStar #GodWithUs