Grave Talk

    2 Nov. 2018

    Grave Talk was launched through the Church of England and builds on the work done for centuries by them, in helping people to think about these big questions. The discussion is helped by conversation cards which are on the table and contain 52 questions covering five key areas.

    Associate Priest Nicky Davies said: “We have held a few of these café spaces and although there was some resistance to the idea at the start, we now do it once a year and have found it has really helped people to think about death and dying in a helpful way. For example, I know people have written down their wishes and this has been a huge help to relatives planning funerals.

    “The event is anything but ‘grave’ as the relaxed atmosphere, with coffee and cake, allows people to feel at ease and there is a lot of helpful sharing of ideas. Of course, it can also be emotional, and that’s OK too!”

    She adds: “This is just another way that we as priests working in our local communities want to help people to deal with the big events in life that we all face.”

    Each year, around All Souls Day on 2 November, the Church remembers those we love who have died. In AVP there are two services which will be on Sunday 4 November at 4pm at St Boniface, Woodgreen and 6pm at St Mary’s, Fordingbridge. Each person at the service receives a white rose and the service lasts about an hour, and will be followed by refreshments. All are welcome. If you wish to have someone named during the service please contact our church office on 01425 653163.