Holiday at Home

    6 Sept. 2018

    Five Fordingbridge Families accepted the invitation to ‘Holiday at Home’ during the summer holidays: A total of 27 guests attended, ranging from a six week-old baby to a grandma!

    It is the second time that a team from Churches Together in Fordingbridge and District have run ‘Holiday at Home’ in the summer based at St Mary’s Church Hall in Fordingbridge. It was set up to support families who may find it difficult to feed their families during the long summer holidays and was by application only through local schools.

    As well as a Bible-themed activity, story and puppet show, those who came also enjoyed a home-cooked, nutritious two-course meal and parents and carers enjoyed a break from the chores.

    In addition to all the people who prayed for Holiday at Home, donated funds, baked, gave produce, or helped in other ways behind the scenes, each week between 11 and 14 team members from our various churches came to help in the kitchen, welcome the guests and help with varied activities.

    Becky Paton from Fordingbridge who has five children and attended the club said: “It is great to help keep the children occupied during the summer. There are no arguments here. It is very kind what they do for us and helpful.”

    Helper Pat Bloomfield said: “I have got to know some wonderful families. We also heard a rock version of Goldilocks that blew me away!”

    Organisers want to thank The Trussell Trust, Cheery Grub, Foresters Friendly Society who gave £250, and for all who gave and helped in any way.