Diocese of Winchester launches new video to promote Christian generosity

    6 Sept. 2017

    The Diocese of Winchester has today launched a video setting out a variety of complementary Christian views on generosity.

    The video, made through the generosity and skills of local Hampshire resident Nathan Sullivan, gives Christians from across Hampshire and East Dorset the opportunity to explain, in their own words, what generosity means to them. The video features interviews with clergy and lay people from parishes throughout the Diocese of Winchester, who talk about God’s generosity towards them, and how they, living out their Christian values, seek to give generously.


    Nathan Sullivan

    lived out the values of generosity discussed by the participants in the film by offering his time and expertise for a fraction of the cost of what would normally be charged to make a film of this nature.

    Commenting on the project, Nathan said:

    “It was a great privilege to participate in this project and to have the opportunity to live out the values which the participants in the film spoke about through my own involvement in creating the film. Being generous can be challenging but I welcomed the opportunity to rise to that challenge and I hope that the finished project will encourage other people to do so too.”

    The project has been masterminded by the Diocese of Winchester’s Head of Operations,

    Colin Harbidge

    and Stewardship Adviser,

    Gordon Randall.

    Gordon said:

    “I hope this short video offers an opportunity for anyone who views it to reflect on the blessing of living generously. As Christians we are called to live the mission of Jesus. Growing in a spirit of generosity helps us to become more Christ-like. In turn I believe this leads to a more fulfilled, enriched and transformed way of being. To quote the famous missionary, Amy Carmichael, ‘You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving’.”