Myanmar Mission Partnership

    27 Aug. 2017

    Representatives from the Diocese of Winchester have travelled to Myanmar as part of the Church’s shared work in education. They are undertaking teacher training as part of the Diocese’s commitment to support the province with capacity building.

    Day One

    Reporting back on their first day there, one of the group said: “We received such a warm welcome from the delegation of teachers from across Myanmar. It's been a productive and active day sharing and developing teaching expertise and using phonics within nursery rhymes and stories.”

    Day Two

    An update from the tea      m on day two : "Today we continued working alongside teachers who have travelled from eight schools stretching from Yangon to Taungoo. It was a productive day sharing and discussing the importance of story telling in teaching. Together we created resources and ideas for activities to develop the children's language skills."

    Day Three

    An update from the team on day three: "Today was spent looking at how we could use a story to generate cross curricular activities. Fifteen teachers worked in small groups to create ideas for topics linking this to their own personal experiences. We identified how to plan a range of learning using one book to spark the teachers' imaginations."

    Day Four

    The team took with them a range of educational resources including Rainbow Fish, a selection of traditional tales, nursery rhymes and songs. On day four, they used these resources to develop ideas for their topic work to include reading and mathematics.

    Day Five

    On the final day of their trip to Myanmar as part of the diocesan partnership and our shared work in education, the team have been reflecting on their time there. They commented on how uplifting it has been working with such a set of determined professional teachers.

    They have worked with each of the 9 schools that took part to discuss how the ideas they've been sharing over the last few days can be put into action in their own settings. The team shared resources with the teachers and children, and have also been looking at opportunities for future partnerships across all the schools and the dioces


    The Diocese of Winchester has been a partner in mission with the Province of Myanmar for over 130 years. Find out more about the Diocesan Mission partnerships here:…/mission-partnerships/