Conference thoughts – Day Four

    21 Oct. 2016


    Over the last four days we have worshipped together and eaten together. We have been taught and we've shared with each other in small groups. We've met with God and with each other.

    It has been a privilege to hear from some highly engaging speakers who have encouraged us in sharing God’s life and reflected with us again on our four strategic priorities. We have been inspired by the presentations we've heard, but also by our conversations with each other around our tables. We left with a renewed sense of our vision and purpose.

    This week has also enabled us to grow in our collective responsibility for the life of the Diocese as a whole. Coming together has given us a wonderful opportunity to explore a range of major issues relating to our Diocesan life. As we reflected on what we have learned and what we are called to do, I am encouraged by the sense of a common commitment to a way forward.

    This week has been demanding and sometimes challenging. We have had intense conversations as different options have been discussed, but through this shared process we have begun to take collective responsibility for the archdeaconry mission action plans. We have affirmed the general direction of these draft aMAPs. They will now be developed through further consultation with a final decision at a Synod in March 2017.

    I would like to thank everyone who has made this week so fulfilling and successful. Thank you to everyone who has given up their time to take part in the conference. It has been a truly uplifting week which can give us all confidence about the future of our diocese and the direction of our journey as we live the mission of Jesus.

    Bishop Tim

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