Conference thoughts – Day Three

    20 Oct. 2016

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    John Preston speaking to #WinchesterMission

    John Preston speaking to #WinchesterMission[/caption]

    This morning I was glad to lead worship at our 7.45am Eucharist in the chapel. After breakfast we were once again joined by Bishop Graham, who challenged us to consider how we can become true agents of social transformation. There was an exhilarating energy in the room as people drew inspiration from his words. We then heard from Jonny Baker who

    riffed off

    Bishop Graham with a creativity which grabbed the imagination. +Jonathan and I then asked everyone to consider how we can apply what we’d learnt within our own contexts.

    Following lunch Bishop Graham spoke to us about what it means to belong together in Christ. John Preston, the CofE’s National Stewardship and Resources Officer, then talked about sacrificial generosity, making us think about what a generous church looks like.  Nothing could have captured this more clearly than the short film about the Mizo people – many living on less than $1 a day - who are leading a revolution in sacrificial giving.  This has helped us in Winchester contemplate our own generosity, and we reflected on how the approach of the Mizo people might be emulated in our own lives.

    We were also honoured to learn from Archbishop Rwaje this afternoon, who spoke to us with honesty and humility about the journey which the church has been on in Rwanda. His story was deeply moving and we were privileged to hear from him. Throughout the conference the wealth of speakers we’ve heard from have shown a diversity of experience and expertise which has been truly fascinating but also genuinely inspirational. It is now up to us to take what we have learned and use it to bring new life to the Diocese.

    Bishop David

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