A statement from the Bishop of Winchester following the EU referendum

    24 June 2016
    Rt Revd Bishop Tim Dakin

    Following yesterday's referendum, the Rt Rev Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester, said:

    “Yesterday’s referendum has concluded with a decisive democratic outcome, coupled with a hugely contrasting range of emotions. The result follows a period where people across our region, like the rest of the country, have engaged in passionate debate about the values which shape our nation. A range of views have been expressed by people throughout the Diocese of Winchester and, as we move forward, I hope that we can come together by focusing on what unites rather than divides us. As Christians, we believe in the importance of sharing love and solidarity with our neighbours, at home and abroad, and our mission to live by these values remains unchanged.

    “My thoughts and prayers now are also with the politicians who will need to lead the country through this new chapter in our relationship with Europe. I pray that they will act with courage and wisdom in the best interests of the British people over the coming weeks, months and years.”