Bishop of Southampton Visits Christchurch Priory School

    6 April 2016

    Jonathan Frost, the Bishop of Southampton, recently visited the Christchurch Priory CofE Primary School.

    The visit provided the opportunity for Bishop Jonathan to meet with the school’s Head teacher, Governors and students, including  Rose Hopkins, the Head Girl, and Aaron Hesketh, the Head Boy.

    The Bishop also took part in a cookery class, in which the students baked (and ate!) a range of delicious biscuits.

    Following this, Bishop Jonathan led worship for the students in Year Six, who will shortly be moving on to secondary school.

    Commenting, Jonathan Frost, the Bishop of Southampton, said


    “I really enjoyed my visit to the Christchurch Priory School. It was a brilliant opportunity to see first-hand the good work that is being done by the Head teacher, teachers, governors and students.

    I particularly enjoyed the cookery class and eating delicious biscuits made by some very talented bakers!

    It was also wonderful to have the opportunity to lead worship for the school’s top year, whose students will shortly be moving on to new schools.

    I am encouraged by all I encountered at Christchurch Priory School, and I look forward to visiting again."