Four new lay members of Bishop's Council elected

    3 Dec. 2015

    Elections have recently taken place for lay members of the Bishop's Council. The successful candidates were:

    • Mr Alastair Barron

    • Mr Chris Kidd

    • Mr Ian Newman

    • Mr Mark Ward

    Congratulations to those elected and thank you to everyone who stood for election.

    The clergy members of the Bishop's Council were confirmed prior to the last meeting of Synod as the Reverend Angi Nutt and the Reverend Jane Bakker.

    What is Bishop's Council?

    The Winchester Diocesan Synod is required to elect new members to the Bishop’s Council and Standing Committee (BCSC) every three years.  Membership of BCSC consists of the Bishop of Winchester, the Bishop of Southampton, the Bishop of Basingstoke, the Archdeacon of Bournemouth, the Archdeacon of Winchester, the Archdeacon for Mission Development, the Chief Executive Officer, the Dean of Winchester, the Chair of the House of Clergy, the Chair of the House of Laity, the Chair of the Finance & Property Sub Committee, two elected clerical members, and four elected lay members.

    The members of the BCSC have a number of roles and responsibilities. They are responsible for advising the Synod on policy, preparing recommendations and transacting business in between meetings of the full Synod; they consider wider questions on the mission and ministry of the Diocese and the wider Church; as the Mission and Pastoral Committee they discuss issues relating to pastoral reorganisation and deployment of ministerial resource; and finally, as Directors of the Board of Finance they are responsible for overseeing the financial policies and decisions of the Diocese.

    There are usually five meetings of the Bishop’s Council and Standing Committee each year.