Tribute to Rita Hortin

    5 Dec. 2014

    The Archdeacon of Bournemouth has paid tribute to Rita Hortin, Secretary to the Clerical Registry, who sadly passed away in the morning of the 5th of December.

    "It is with great sadness that as Chair of the Clerical Registry I write to let you know that Rita Hortin died peacefully at home this morning. Some of you will know that Rita has, with her indomitable spirit, lived with poor and declining health for a considerable time. Those of you who have not known this will recognise Rita’s capacity to press on with life, whatever its challenges, with a minimum of fuss, a maximum of efficiency, and sheer determination. Rita brought these invaluable qualities to her work in the Registry in which capacity she has been a part of the life of our diocese for many, many years.

    Rita was a surprising person at times. Her outstanding work in the Registry was well known and hugely valued. Rita was also widely recognised for her musical gifts and participation in the Diocesan orchestra where her contribution has made a great impression on many people. Fewer of you will know of the impression she left on the snow of the far north when a few years ago she took a snow mobile out for a spin and launched herself and her mean machine into the air before a snowy landing. Doubtless she had been advised that aerial stunts were only for the really brave…..but then in so many ways that’s just what Rita was, strong and brave.

    What many of us will recall about Rita however is her exceedingly great warmth. It is a warmth she brought to everyone she worked with and that is something that has been greatly appreciated by so many retired clergy who have found in her over the years, not just a person with whom they could arrange opportunities for ongoing ministry in retirement, but a friend and confidante.

    Rita was a committed part of the church community where she lived in Hursley and amongst whom she served as churchwarden.

    I am sure many of you will join me in expressing our heartfelt condolences to Rita’s sons, Stephen and Nick, and also our very great thanks as well as condolences to Rita’s dear friend and colleague, Liz Wilkinson who continues to hold and guide the work of the Registry as she has done with such commitment during Rita’s illness."