General Synod votes in favour of women bishops

    14 July 2014

    Following the vote by the General Synod in favour of women bishops,

    the Right Reverend Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester

    , has said:

    "Synod's decision has sent out a clear and joyful message. At last, gifted women leaders will be able to serve as bishops. I’m delighted, and I hope this decision will release energy, allow for reconciliation and enable all to flourish in the church’s life and mission.

    "For so long, including in our own diocese of Winchester, the Church of England has benefited greatly from the outstanding ministry of both women and men working together. Now, we can look forward to working together in our mission as bishops as well.

    "This has been an emotional journey for many. That applies as much for those who have campaigned steadfastly for this day, as well as those whose traditional views have been challenged by the process. All should continue to have an honoured place both in our Diocese and across the Church. Importantly, this has been properly reflected in the legislation that Synod has passed."


    For further information please contact the Diocese of Winchester communications team on 020 7618 9197 or email