St Mark’s visit to Kiugu, Kenya

    6 Nov. 2013

    In 2009 St Mark’s, Kempshott, started to sponsor children through the child development charity Compassion. St Mark’s currently sponsors 60 children out of a project total of 200.

    In August after months of planning, a group from St Mark’s visited their partnership project at the East African Pentecostal Church in Kiugu, north east of Nairobi, Kenya.

    A group of 10 members of the church visited their sponsored children at the project and in their homes. The group were privileged to hear and see the work of Compassion in Kenya, meeting staff working on the round and in the national office.

    On the trip the group also met young men and women on Compassion’s Leadership Development Programme where again through sponsorship these young people have the opportunity to make a difference in their communities.

    The group from St Mark's returned having been enriched by the experience of learning from other Christians; being humbled by their faith and seeing how that was lived out on a daily basis.