What is the Church of England doing?

What is the church doing?

  • Archbishop Justin Welby committed himself publicly to the battle to end modern slavery – Find out what he said.

The Clewer Initiative

The Clewer Initiative is the Church of England’s response to Modern slavery

Winchester Diocese has joined the Clewer Initiative (CI) as a participating member in July 2020, at a time when it moves into a new phase. CI is moving from a 3-year project into a funded 10-year programme. 2020-2030 will be a period of sustained awareness raising and action at local, national and international level. There will be opportunities for new partnerships and further opportunities to build upon the solid foundation that has already been achieved. This is good news as it enables existing resources around awareness raising and opportunities for victim/ survivor support to continue with further support and new resources from the national team.

Modern slavery touches all aspects of our lives, so whether it’s from a consumer perspective related to the supply chain of what we eat, the clothes we wear, the materials that support our lifestyle, to issues associated to climate change, partnering with established modern slavery victim support charities or starting some awareness locally, there is plenty to engage with.

Awareness and training

Modern slavery awareness training can be provided in different ways for parishes, deaneries, with other partner agencies and tailored to your particular needs. Get in touch below!

If you are looking for some basic training as a starter, try the online Safeguarding and Modern Slavery course It can be accessed via the Church of England online portal:

What are we doing locally?

  • We are a member of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Modern Slavery Partnership. The strategy to tackle Modern Slavery in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight has been developed in line with the Government’s Modern Slavery Strategy:
    1. Pursue – Prosecute and disrupt individuals and groups responsible for slavery
    2. Prevent – Prevent people from engaging in slavery
    3. Protect – Strengthen safeguards against slavery by protecting vulnerable people from exploitation and increasing awareness of and resilience against this crime
    4. Prepare – Reduce the harm caused by slavery through improved victim identification and support

For the Church of England’s response to slavery tile (Clewer)

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Women in the Shadows course- a course that focuses on the different ways women and girls are exploited in the UK today. WITS lent 2021 — The Clewer Initiative

Schools resources- Collective Worship Primary, Collective Worship Secondary, Lesson Plans are here! Children and young people — The Clewer Initiative

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Farm Work Welfare – the problem, the App, Spot the signs of modern slavery in rural areas Farm Work Welfare — The Clewer Initiative