Winchester Mission Action is shaped by the life and work of Jesus. We are active participants in helping to renew our society and address the concerns of our cities, towns and villages across Hampshire and East Dorset.

For our churches to be fully open, offering a safe haven for local communities and with the love of Jesus flowing outwards through good works and social action, requires us to adapt and change. This includes re-thinking the shape and context of church as an institution; our buildings, our organisation and how we seek to use our gifts and time.

We are called to put into deep water and let down the nets: to tell the Christian story with love and hope and confidence. Not every new initiative to put out into deep water needs funding to get going, but some do. WMA is focused on a number of priority areas, including revitalisation of our city centre churches, establishing new forms of church beyond the traditional model, reaching out to residents on new housing developments, supporting students while at college or university, and re-thinking rural church. The unifying theme across these areas is to bring the message of Jesus to younger generations and thereby achieve sustainable growth for the common good.

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The Good Stuff Podcast

Listen to stories from around the Diocese that have either been part of the WMA projects or have helped to progress the WMA projects.



Invest for Growth

We will support establishment of Resource Churches in Southampton and Andover, leading to a conscious outward growth of the church, through church planting and Fresh Expressions of Church.

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Student Evangelism

We will establish new models for student evangelism in Further Education and Higher Education, emphasising incremental growth and engagement

Benefice of the Future

We will pilot new approaches to rural mission, creating larger benefices to boost internal resources, increasing vibrancy in rural communities.

Pioneer Hubs

Pioneering mission, innovative social action, creative community engagement and growing fresh expressions of church!

Major Development Areas

We will be present within new housing developments, growing strong and sustainable ministry teams and realising a strong social impact within a community that is just being born.

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Get Involved

If you've been inspired by reading about the projects happening around the Diocese and want to get involved - get in touch.

How you can help?

Winchester Mission Action is underway! 

We are looking for supporters to be a part of this journey. There are many ways you can be involved with the project, whether that’s through your time, your prayers or your money. Your money can make a real difference to a project, with other areas also requiring financial support.

Every penny you donate will help us realise our vision of reaching the missing generations and new communities in exciting and innovative ways. I would love to let you know more about what we’re up to and how you can help!

If you feel moved to support Winchester Mission Action please do get in touch:

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