Live the Mission 2017/09

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    Welcome to Live the Mission for September, a month when Christians in many countries celebrate Creationtide, a time of looking at God’s creation and how we might take greater care of it. See pages 4-5 to find out more. We also have a new feature on Fairtrade—see page 2.

    Why should we be generous and what does that mean? In September the diocese will release a new film in which clergy and lay people consider generosity. It will be available free of charge for churches to use. See page 2 for more details.

    Perhaps generosity is about sharing our food. Certainly there are many children whose families are so squeezed that they rely on the kindness of others to donate, and during the summer holidays the pressure can be greater still. The summer has seen churches setting up or joining projects to give children a decent meal (see pages 6-7). In the words of one benefice it fits in with “living generously, transforming society and working with others locally to start to meet the real needs of those facing poverty in the community”.