Deanery Mission Action Planning

The purpose of this page is to explain the Deanery Mission Action process taking place in 2017 (dMAP17).These plans will run from 2017 until 2020 and beyond.

As before we will follow the simplified version of the classic Mission Action Planning process.There are three distinct phases as follows:

  1. Review Phase - To review the dMAPs created in 2014.
  2. Plan Phase - To explore prayerfully what the Deanery believes they are called to engage with under God.This entails Engaging with the aMAP Projects, Linking into the existing pMAPs [link to pMAP process page] in the deanery and considering what needs to be taken account of, Re-imaging Synod as necessary and Sharpening the focus on which objectives are most important.
  3. Act Phase - Coming soon - This includes Looking Back at what has been achieved, Celebrating and Communicating what has gone well and considering Resources needed as the Deanery looks forward to the future in preparation for the Plan Phase.

This includes the following steps:

  • aMAP Response: To consider how the Deanery is impacted by the Archdeaconry Mission Action Plan
  • Re-imagining Synod and Chapter: To review the workings of these two bodies and consider how they can be developed more purposefully
  • Objectives: To consider what possible objectives the Deanery could focus on
  • Stop: To assess what the Deanery needs to stop doing to make space for future priorities
  • Links: To look at links with ecumenical partners and agencies
  • Process: To plan dates for taking the process through Synod
  • Resource Re-allocation: To produce a plan about present and future pastoral re-organisation
  • Planning: To produce a plan to deliver on the objectives

The Act Phase begins to ensure we deliver on the plans we have made.

Deaneries will need to Innovate recognising God is creative, develop a Have a Go mentality realising not everything will work, Tell Stories about what is developing and growing as they go forward, and Keep in Step with the Holy Spirit recognising that God is already at work ahead of us.


2017 Timeline

In the Spring of 2017 there were deanery meetings to explain what the aMAP Projects are about and how the dMAP17 Process would work.The questions raised at these meetings can be found here.


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