Confirmation Dates

Confirmation usually takes place after a person has explored his or her faith with others in the church.

Most churches offer confirmation preparation where key aspects of the Christian faith can be explored, and details of the confirmation service and the statements and promises a person makes are discussed.

This will include helping you to play a fuller part in the church and identifying points that will help you to grow as a Christian. The confirmation service also requires the congregation to make promises to support the confirmation candidate in his or her faith journey.

Confirmation is an important milestone, and the Confirmation services across the Diocese in the coming year provide an exciting opportunity to hear what God is doing in the lives of individuals and to see how he is building up our communities.

Please give generously to the World Church…

The World Mission Group (WMG) is responsible to the Diocese of Winchester for the welfare and interests of our various Diocesan Companion Links. Members of the group are representatives of all the Deaneries, some with a particular focus on an overseas church through friendships, visits and prayer. The Anglican Companion Links in this diocese are:

Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Myanmar (Burma)

Funding for this work is primarily raised from a Bishop’s visit to your parish for a Confirmation service.

The WMG is able to award Grants to our ‘companions’ for theological, educational, and specialised training. Some study is undertaken in the UK but the majority is done in people’s home dioceses or province.

Parishes are encouraged to contribute half of their offering at a Confirmation service to OCP, and the other half to a mission agency or initiative of their own choice. Your donation is very much appreciated; it will enable important training for leadership to continue and flourish for our sisters and brothers in Christ in these parts of the World Church.

Cheques should be made payable to WDBF and sent to the finance team at the Diocesan Office or electronically to 55-81-26 account 00342564 with a covering email. 

Upcoming Confirmation Dates

Date Time Location Bishop

23 Feb 2018:30RomseySouthampton
8 March 2018:30BentleyBasingstoke
15 March 20TBCHighfieldSouthampton
29 March 2018:30St Mary's, AndoverBasingstoke
5 April 2010:00St Lawrence, AltonBasingstoke
11 April 2019:30Winchester CathedralWinchester
12 April 2018:30Christ Church, WinchesterBasingstoke
13 May 2019:30Dibden
31 May 2018:30St John's, Hartley WintneyBasingstoke
7 June 20TBCUpper ItchenBasingstoke
28 June 2016:00St Thomas', Woolten HillBasingstoke
4 October 2010:00Bournemouth St FrancisSouthampton
18 October 2009:30Christ Church WinchesterBasingstoke
1 November 2010:00St Luke, Hedge EndSouthampton
22 November10:00All Hallows, WhitchurchBasingstoke
29 November 2010:00Winton, Moordown and CharminsterSouthampton