Clergy Discipline Measure

In accordance with guidance issued by the Clergy Discipline Commission, penalties which are imposed by the Bishop following a complaint under the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003 are published here.

On 22 March 2018, the Bishop of Winchester imposed upon the Reverend Cyril Rowe a penalty of prohibition for life. The penalty was imposed under s.30(1)(a) of the Clergy Discipline Measure, the Respondent having been sentenced on 10 March 2017 to a period of 4 years’ imprisonment for three offences of indecent assault.

Further information about the Clergy Discipline Measure may be found here.


  1. Penalties are published only after a finding of misconduct and where the person complained about has consented to the imposition of a penalty. No publication is made where a complaint is dismissed, or where the complaint is dealt with other than by the imposition of a penalty.
  2. Penalties are normally removed from this list after 5 years or, if the penalty is imposed for a shorter or longer period, when the penalty expires.
  3. Complaints which are dealt with by a tribunal are published on the Church of England website tribunal decision page.