Coronavirus update

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we will be offering our BCM training programmes online for the forseeable future. Please see below for information about the four programmes offered this coming term. 

Are you interested in taking part in a programme through BCM? 

Each term we offer four different BCM programmes and we aim to offer these at different locations around the Diocese to make them accessible to as many people as possible. The videos below tell you a little more about some of our regular programmes. Get in touch with Wendy Atkinson via the form below to find out what is coming up next near you. 

Coming up next ...

BCM Online Spring 2021

In January we will be offering four BCM programmes online. BCM online will have the same missional focus and the same interactive learning methods, it is just the platform for training that will change.

New - BCM Creation Care

This is for those who want to help their churches take more steps towards caring for God’s Creation.We will look at both theology and practical actions as we seek to learn how to be better stewards of God’s wonderful world.

New - BCM Children & Youth Ministry

This is for those who are involved in leading groups in any form of youth or childrens ministry. You will be equipped with fresh ideas and strategies to help develop ministry teams and to understand the culture of young people today.

BCM Pastoral

This is for those who feel a calling to pastoral care and want to develop their own skills and the ministry of their church in this important area.We will include how to do things in our ‘new normal’

BCM Worship

This is for those with a heart to lead others into the presence of God.You do not need to be a musician to lead worship.We will look at different styles and settings for worship and what it means to be a worship leader.