BCM News

BCM News

We are excited to introduce two new BCM programmes and to offer BCM Worship for the January 2023 term.

Beyond Church Walls explores creative ways to take your ministry out of the church building and into the community. The journey will help you find ways to share the gospel true to your local context and help build confidence to be yourself in mission. This BCM stream will offer a variety of resources to take those exciting but scary first steps.

Applying Generosity will explore what the Bible teaches about generosity and  how we should spend our time and our money in the pursuit of God. The programme will look at putting faith into fundraising.  What does it mean to be a generous individual? And how we build both a culture and environment of generosity across our parishes so that our mission and ministry can flourish and thrive? 

BCM Worship is for those who have a desire to lead God’s people into God’s presence. The programme will cover the core skills required to lead worship in your church/community and on completion carries an authorisation to lead non eucharistic worship more than once a quarter.

Our flyer with dates and session titles can be found here:

For more information and an application form, please contact wendy.atkinson@winchester.anglican.org