Advice and inspiration in uncertain times

Following the Government’s latest Covid-19 guidance, we asked churches to share their stories of hope in our uncertain times.

We’ll keep updating this blog with tips for keeping ourselves and our communities physically, spiritually and mentally nourished over the coming days, weeks and months. What’s your church doing and what are your top tips for others? Email us with your stories.

This page is constantly updated.

In uncertain times, we’ve been encouraged and inspired by the stories and 'top tips' our churches have sent in. Below is a running blog of those stories. Here, is a summary of the key themes and ideas for keeping yourself and others healthy, connected and safe.

There are examples of a good mix of online and offline connections with your communities.

Church of the Good Shepherd in Four Marks

We had great fun sharing photos and videos around our Kids Church community today as everyone made flowers for their Mums.

I've pulled them together in a short clip here

No physical congregation, no problem. 

St Marks, Pennington have printed out photos of their congregation "we hope to explain how physical isolation from one another does not mean emotional or spiritual isolation".

"Thank you for sharing your photos with us overnight... With our church closed due to Coronavirus, we'd love to know who is with us as we stream our service live instead - we'd love it if you'd email a photo of yourself to '', and we'll make you a part of our church community for the morning!"