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Vocations – Discover Your Calling

Vocations – Discover Your Calling

Every Christian is commissioned by Jesus to serve, some Christians are called by God to lead. Every Christian leader is a servant but since the early Church there have been a variety of roles in which God’s people serve as leaders. This is equally true today and in the Diocese of Winchester we want to encourage, nurture and work alongside men and women who are being called by God to be leaders in our churches, whether lay or ordained.

Have you done some theological study and are you already involved in front line chaplaincy work or street evangelism? Why not become officially recognised in the diocese and do some theological ‘top up’? If that sounds good, you might consider becoming a Licensed Lay Worker (LLW).

Are you passionate about joining in with God’s mission and ministry in your local parish and think you could preach, lead and work in a team with your vicar? Maybe God is calling you to Licensed Lay Ministry?

Are you or could you be a worship leader, an evangelist, a small group leader or a leader of children’s work? Would you value some training to grow in your vocation? If so, you might want to consider going deeper –Bishop’s Commission for Mission (BCM) could be just the thing for you!

Feeling a call to ordained ministry? 

The Vocations Adviser and Diocesan Director of Ordinands directly supports the Bishop of Winchester in his responsibility to encourage the callings of all God’s people and for all types of ministry within the Diocese of Winchester. Ordained ministry to the diaconate or presbyterate/priestly ministry is a commitment to living the mission of Jesus in the ancient orders of the church. If you think God is calling you to this ministry, consider the following documents and speak to your vicar about whether she or he is willing to confirm your participation in the discernment process.

Download the Quick Guide to Selection Download
Download A Guide to the Selection Process Download

Too Young? Maybe not!

Maybe you think you’re too young to consider ordained ministry? Think again! Check out the videos on our Young Vocations page and click or visit

So, if you’re thinking and praying about leadership in the Church, have a word with your vicar or contact our Diocesan Director of Ordinands.

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