School of Mission Lent Course: 2016 I Witness Week Four: Teach Effectively

Week Four: Teach Effectively


Luke 24:13-35, Acts 18:24-28

This week we are thinking about how we can help people grow in their faith, how they can grow up to be fully like Christ. Jesus came alongside Cleopas and his companion after the disappointment of the cross and walked with them. As a result these two were among the disciples who then continued Jesus’ work after he had returned to the Father. Apollos had a key ministry in the church of preaching and teaching. Priscilla and Aquila got alongside him and helped him develop his gifts and effectiveness in teaching and proclaiming the gospel. In a similar way Paul disciples Timothy, a younger leader, to enable him to be all that he could be for the work of the Kingdom of God.

How are we intentionally helping our children, young people and wider church family to grow up in their faith? How can we walk with others in an intentional and fruitful way?


Group material

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