Lay Licensed Worker

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The ministry of a Licensed Lay Worker (LLW) in the Church of England can include evangelism, leading worship, pastoral care and teaching. It can also extend to preaching and funeral ministry. This provision enables the Bishop to license lay people who have previous theological training and are already engaged in a particular ministry (either in… Read more »

Ordination Pathways

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The discernment/selection process for ordained ministry in the Church of England is multi-layered and quite lengthy, normally taking at least a year or two. It consists of both a local and a national component and requires a preparation process which is overseen by the Diocesan Director of Ordinands. Ordained ministers aren’t all of one type…. Read more »

Licensed Lay Ministry

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Licensed Lay Ministry (LLM) is the oldest recognised lay public ministry in the Church of England. Traditionally called Lay Reader, LLM is often seen as a ministry of leading worship, preaching and teaching. But it’s much more than that. LLMs are: ‘called to serve the Church of God and to work together with clergy and… Read more »

Youth Children and Families

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As the YCF Advisers team we can offer support in a range of areas, to individuals, parishes and deaneries. Advice On a range of topics, issues and policies relating to children, families and young people. Consultancy On employment of workers, strategy and vision, childrenswork and youthwork practice. Training and Resourcing High quality training and resourcing… Read more »

Create: Thy Kingdom Come Mission Action

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We would love you to add to this library with ideas of your own.  This short video will give you all you need to know to create your own resources to share with others.  If you would like your Mission Action to be included in the resources shared with other churches thenplease email us:

Ideas: Thy Kingdom Come Mission Action

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Pop up Café Download the pop up café resources here. Exercise Download the exercise resources here. Football Download the football resources here. Kitchen Choir Download the kitchen choir resources here. Plough Sunday Download the Plough Sunday resources here. Prayer Spaces Download the prayer spaces resources here.