Lent Course Resources

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        Download resources to support small group work here. Download the individual booklet here. Download these introductory materials in Word Format here. Download resources for each week of the 2016 Lent Course via the links below. You can also find each week’s resources on its dedicated page, available via the links to… Read more »

Lent Course Links

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Please find some useful links to other websites below: Resources for Faith Sharing (including leaflets and books) Resources for Mission For Enquirers Websites for Young People – Justice/stewardship resources for young people – Justice resources for young people – Discipleship resources for young people… Read more »

Week Five: Proclaim Boldly

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Luke 19:1-10, Acts 8:26-35 Today’s session is about we communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in both deed and word. The answer of course is by stewarding faithfully, by acting justly, by serving sacrificially, by teaching effectively and of course by proclaiming boldly. This week’s theme includes all the other weeks too! So this week… Read more »

Week Four: Teach Effectively

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Luke 24:13-35, Acts 18:24-28 This week we are thinking about how we can help people grow in their faith, how they can grow up to be fully like Christ. Jesus came alongside Cleopas and his companion after the disappointment of the cross and walked with them. As a result these two were among the disciples… Read more »

Week Three: Serve Sacrificially

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Luke 4:14-21, Acts 9:36-42 Today’s session is all about how we respond to the needs of those around us. We hear Jesus announce the coming of the reign and rule of God through a new beginning, transforming situations of poverty and injustice, bringing healing and wholeness. He offers the grace of God to all. We… Read more »

Week Two: Act Justly

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Luke 10:25-37, Acts 5:1-11 Today we are looking at this world through God’s eyes, seeing his pain and responding to his heart by engaging with issues of injustice and inequality privately, corporately and publicly. As disciples of Christ we are part of his new creation, called to speak out and act in his name to… Read more »